"A Good Name Is Chosen Above Great Wealth..." (Mishlei)

At Klarel, we hold honesty, transparency, and, most importantly, our valued customer relationships in the highest regard. Regrettably, we are facing an unsettling issue that demands our attention.


Exposing the Truth: Fabricated Reviews 

Max Pauwels, the guy behind competing websites such as Srelle, Dimo Chair, The Design Part, and other "front companies" spanning various industries, has orchestrated a calculated campaign to undermine our reputation. 

He has resorted to posting fake negative reviews about Klarel on platforms like Trustpilot, SiteJabber, MyDesignJournal blog, and TheFurnishInsider blog.

This malicious effort profoundly troubles us as we pride ourselves on maintaining honesty in all aspects of our operation.

How Does It Work?

Max pays individuals 6 Euros each through a self-created "mini-job" website to leave detrimental reviews about Klarel. We have personally reached out to some of these individuals, who, upon investigation, admitted to their involvement, expressed remorse, and assisted us in accumulating substantial evidence of Max's fraudulent activities. This evidence includes job postings, recruitment records, and payment receipts.

For reference, you can view a sample of the evidence we have collected by visiting the following web-archived link:*/*. Once on the page, please select the "MJ-30" mini-job and review the corresponding job description.

Our Actions in Response

  • Sitejabber Reviews: Sitejabber, upon reviewing our evidence, promptly removed the fabricated reviews and secured our page to prevent further harm.
  • Trustpilot Reviews: Trustpilot has removed some reviews after weeks of reaching out to them on social media, but new reviews keep on trickling in, and so far, no steps have been taken to secure our page against these fake reviews.
  • MyDesignJournal and TheFurnishInsider Blogs: As Max owns and operates these platforms, our options for recourse are unfortunately limited.
  • TrustVerdict: This domain name is owned by Max Pauwels himself and was registered on July 3rd, 2023; it seems to be his latest known fraudulent venture.
  • Legal Measures: We are actively pursuing legal action against Max, but this process naturally takes time.

Who Is Max Pauwels?

Max Pauwels, a serial Fraudtrepreneur from Belgium/Netherlands and currently in Los Angeles, purportedly operates the following companies: Srelle, Dimo Chair, The Design Part, My Ritual Tea, Paleo Technology, Two Link, Get Emma AI, My Snooty, and now "TrustVerdict"

He has paid for 5-star reviews for these companies on platforms like SiteJabber, Capterra, Product Hunt, and Trustpilot. By examining the authors of these reviews, you will likely discover a suspicious pattern of consistently positive reviews for Max's enterprises. 

Sorting the reviews by stars on these platforms will reveal genuine experiences people have had with Max and his "companies."

A Page We Never Envisioned 

It is with great disappointment that we find ourselves compelled to host this page on our website. However, our dedication to exposing unethical behavior and safeguarding our image and reputation, which we hold dear, motivates us to take this action.

Our Commitment 

We seize this opportunity to renew our commitment to our customers, promising an honest, transparent, and personalized experience. We hope you choose Klarel for all your furniture needs.

Salomon Suissa 

PS: You can find honest reviews about Klarel on our product pages and Etsy.

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