Pioneers of Chandigarh:

The Luminaries Behind Klarel's Collection.

The roots of Klarel's Chandigarh Collection trace back to the mid-20th century when an assembly of brilliant minds came together to envision a city unlike any other.

Spearheaded by the revered architect Le Corbusier, the undertaking brought together a diverse cohort of architects, designers, and craftspeople, including Pierre Jeanneret, his cousin, who supervised the project.

This ensemble of creatives, whom we fondly refer to as the 'Chandigarh Luminaries,' worked in unison, fusing their ideas and designs to birth a distinct architectural and design style.

Post-independence India saw Chandigarh rise as a symbol of progress and modernism, and the furniture that graced its numerous buildings was a testament to that ethos. Each piece, from armchairs to desks, reflected a synergy of Eastern craftsmanship and Western aesthetics.

Yet, despite Pierre Jeanneret's role in this collective effort, these designs weren't associated with his name until years later, when a few pieces of newly labeled "Pierre Jeanneret" seats fetched high prices at auctions. This marked a shift in perception, and the furniture pieces began to be viewed as standalone design objects, detached from their public service origins.

This collection, known to the insiders as the 'Chandigarh Collection,' had no original or licensed version. The skilled carpenters in Chandigarh's local shops brought these designs to life, each adding their unique touch and interpretation. Several brands would reference these designs in the following years, some even making oblique attributions such as "Hommage / Tribute à Pierre Jeanneret."

At Klarel, we recognize this historic endeavor's shared legacy and collaborative nature.

The designs from this collective vision are part of a rich tapestry that weaves together a diverse group of minds and talents. We respect this truth and proudly refer to our collection by its permanent name, the 'Chandigarh Collection.'

Chandigarh's architectural narrative remains a cherished source of inspiration for Klarel. We've revisited the vast spectrum of designs from the 'Chandigarh Collection,' paying close attention to each piece's intricacies and essence. The method we've chosen to revive classic balances elements with the unique traits that make these pieces distinctive.

Crafted in Italy, our pieces combine our unwavering commitment to sustainability and superior craftsmanship. In a time where we witness the unfortunate export of Chandigarh's historic pieces under shadowy circumstances, Klarel seeks to educate its customers about the rich history and craft of these designs. We believe in preserving the legacy of Chandigarh where it truly belongs.

Our collection is a testament to this commitment. With every Klarel piece, you are not just acquiring a piece of furniture but participating in an extraordinary journey from the past, crafted for the future.